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Business Plan 2017-20

Solon's overriding ambition is to be a local provider of exceptional housing.
We will deliver the following strategic objectives during the Business Plan period to achieve this:
  1. Provide homes that people want to live in.
  2. Provide great customer service.
  3. Maintain strong financial viability and deliver excellent value for money.
  4. Be a modern and responsive business.
  5. Work with residents to sustain tenancies, enhance their quality of life, and contribute to the development of desirable communities.  
  6. Be expertly led and a great place to work, with an effective Board and developed and motivated staff. 
  7. Work in partnership to achieve the best results for our existing and future customers.

We will support and develop our staff to enable them to achieve the action required to deliver these strategic objectives.

We will monitor progress with achieving the actions and keep it under regular review, taking action to keep progress on track.

Our ultimate success will be demonstrated by the achievement of high performance against robust targets, and high levels of customer satisfaction with our services.
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