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Staying Warm this Winter - 14/12/2017

Our 6 top tips on how to stay warm this Winter.

 1. Keep your heating at a sensible level. Anywhere from 18 – 21 C is generally a comfortable room temperature. Reducing your thermostat by 1 C can save up to 10% on heating costs.

2.     2. Most radiators in your home will have its own setting (1-5). If you’re not spending much time in a room, keep the setting low. This helps you save money and use less gas and electricity.

3.     3. Change tariff. Did you know, if you’ve had the same energy supplier for 18 months, you can save money by switching!

4.     4. It’s the small things that count. Close doors, keep curtains drawn and try and stop warm air escaping and cold air coming into your home (maybe with a sausage dog draught excluder).

5.     5. Let us know if things aren’t working. It seems obvious, but if there are any faults with your heating, you are missing out – on warmth and in cost! If you need to speak to anyone, you can reach our maintenance team on 0117 916 7777.

6.     6. Worried about the cost of heating and budgeting? The recently formed ‘Warmer Homes, Advice and Money’ is made up of The Centre for Sustainable Energy, Talking Money and WE Care & Repair. They provide free advice on budgeting, payment, and help if you are in debt. If you missed out on WHAM last Christmas, make sure you don’t this year. You can call them on 0800 082 2234.

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