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Solon's Away Day - 14/08/2017

You may have noticed our offices were closed last Tuesday (8/8/2017). This was because we had our annual staff away day. These days are often thought of as a fun ‘day off’ work where we do some cliché team building events and have a bit of fun. Whilst the day was a lot of fun, it was mostly focused on our service to our residents. 

We strive to deliver excellent customer service and we are always looking for ways to improve how we can help our residents – our away day looked at ways to make us more effective on the phones and in the office, getting orders raised, suppliers paid, and keeping residents happy.

We went to Bristol Zoo and in the afternoon we had a Q&A with our Board where we talked about where we saw Solon in five years’ time and how to keep our commitment to being an ethical and valued Housing Association in a difficult wider climate. The morning session was about customer service and how we can help our residents. We brought Mark Nesbitt along (http://www.caricaturesbylukewarm.co.uk/) to help us create cartoons around customer service. We looked at things we have done to help improve customer service like using our drone to do roof surveys rather than having to constantly put up scaffolding. We also looked at what can go wrong – in our office but also as a look at stereotypically bad customer service. Below are a couple of my favourite cartoons from the day.

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