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Bristol housing associations begin talks about possible merger - 14/11/2019

Solon and United Communities have news!

This is to give you early notice that Solon and United Communities Housing Associations have agreed to look into the benefits of working more closely together. We are in the very early stages, but, if agreed, this could lead to a merger and the creation of a new locally-led housing association with responsibility for more than 3,300 homes across the city region.

Solon and United hold similar values and have similar objectives. We have a great deal in common and face the same challenges. We are of a similar size, are both based in Bristol and work closely together. The challenges faced by smaller housing associations in a tough environment is making it increasingly difficult to deliver the services and homes that residents expect and putting more pressure on the staff. We are always looking for ways that can improve and deliver better services, so it is sensible to look at how we can work more closely together to deliver these shared aims. Working together, we would also be able to build many more new homes across Bristol and South Gloucestershire to meet the increasingly pressing need.

Over the next three months we will undertake a detailed due diligence process to see whether closer working will improve the offer to residents and staff, and whether we should take the proposal further. Residents will be consulted during this process.

If you have any questions or comments please contact us in your usual way.

Paul Ville, Chief Executive
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