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Residents - We need you to help shape our new organisation - 26/02/2021

It's exciting times as we work towards our merger to create an ambitious new housing association for Bristol and surrounding areas in the spring.

Our new organisation is putting residents at the heart of everything we do. An important part of this is our Engagement Panel, set up to monitor how well we're doing, shape future services and discuss policies and plans.

You're invited to join the Panel

We're now inviting you to join the Engagement Panel. Every tenant, shared owner and leaseholder can apply to become a Panel member.

This is a great opportunity not just to have your say but to gain new skills and experiences. We'll provide support to join and once you're on the journey with us, plus training.

Interested? Read on to find out more.

Residents at the heart

The panel brings together residents and colleagues - people who work for the new organisation. They will follow the Panel 'terms of reference' or rules and its guiding principles to ensure it is open, accountable and effective.

Panel objectives

The Board of our new organisation is committed to working with the Panel and to involve it in making decisions that have an impact on residents.

The Panel will work to make sure our residents' views are at the heart of everything the organisation does and are heard at the highest level. This will include for example:

  • Working with the Board including co-designing an annual engagement plan that will be regularly reviewed.
  • Focusing on influencing things before decisions have been made on matters that are of interest to residents.
  • Making sure that all voices are heard and that no one is excluded.

Panel membership

The Panel will have 12 voting members:
  • 7 residents
  • 5 colleagues

The Panel will elect a resident chair from its members. The Chair will try to ensure that most decisions are taken by consensus.

Non-voting attendees will include Panel support colleagues as well as officers of the new organisation who will be invited to discuss particular topics, for example service reviews or policy changes.

Joining the Panel

Every resident can become a member. We are looking for people who:

  • Have the life skills and experience to join the Panel.

  • Are prepared to put the time and effort into Panel activities.

  • Are committed to equality and diversity.

The process for electing colleague members of the Panel will be decided by the new organisation. We will aim to have colleagues from all parts of the organisation, representing the different service areas as well as back office support.

The Panel will be able to set up subgroups, task and finish groups, or groups focusing on a particular issue where residents have a specific interest. So there are plenty of ways to get involved!

Timetable for setting up the Panel

 Stage  By when
Invitation issued to express an interest in Panel membership  27/02/2021
Deadline for expressions of interest and informal chats held  22/03/2021
Taster session for everyone interested in joining the Panel  24/03/2021
Selection of Panel members  25/03/2021
First meeting of the Panel  27/04/2021

In 2021, the Panel will be looking at

  • The promises made by our new organisation to customers
  • Rents and Service Charges
  • The Repairs Service
  • Other priorities decided by the Panel as important for residents

How to get involved

If you are interested in becoming part of this exciting new way of working with our new organisation, simply fill out the expression of interest form
here. We'll then be in touch with you very soon.

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