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Data Protection Changes - 13/02/2018

In May this year, the Data Protection Act (1998) is changing. Coming in will be the 'General Data Protection Regulation' or GDPR. You will be hearing a lot about this from us over the coming months. We have updated our privacy notice to reflect changes in the GDPR. 

Below is a short version of our updated privacy notice: your rights, and key definitions from the GDPR. For the full details, please read our privacy notice

What non-sensitive personal information may we hold on you? We normally hold information such as your: Name(s), Address, Age(s), Contact details, Next of kin and their contact details, I.D., Sex, National Insurance number, Employment details, Address history, details of any support services, financial details, photograph(s) of you, bank details and any complaints against you.
What sensitive personal information may we hold on you? We normally hold your: ethnicities, sexual orientation, health details and your religion. We may rarely hold information on criminal offences and details of harassment or abuse (if we need it in order to support or protect you).
Who holds your information? Solon South West Housing Association Ltd. 
Why are we porcessing your information? To fulfill your tenancy agreement, to assess your housing needs and provide you with a service, and to fulfill our legal obligations to you. 
Where did we get your data? Directly from you, the tenant. Occassionally we may get some of your data from Third parties such as the police or your former housing association. 
Why might we share your data?  Some of your personal information may have been shared with contractors, or agencies we work with, such as local authorities, social services, police, other social landlords and others when we think it is in your interests to do so. 
How long will your data be kept securely? Your data is treated with the utmost confidentiality and security, as detailed in our data protection policy. 
How long will your information be kept? Normally up to 6 years after your tenancy ceases. 

Your Rights and How You can Use Them

 - Right to Be Informed: We must provide you with a privacy notice to tell you how we are using your personal data, why we are using it and how long we are likely to use it for.

- Right of access: You can ask us for access to any of the information we hold on you by contacting our Corporate Services team. Information will be given to you within one month of your request being received (or up to 2 if it’s a complex request).

- Right to rectification:  You can change your personal data if it is inaccurate or incomplete. Please contact us if any of your personal information changes.

- Right to erasure: You can ask us to delete or remove your personal data where there is no reason for us to keep it. Contact our corporate services team to request this.

- Right to restrict data processing:  Under certain circumstances, you can ‘block’ us from using your some of your personal data. We are then allowed to only store your personal data.

- Right to data portability:  You can ask us for your personal data if you wish to use it for another service. We will usually give you all the personal information that you have provided us (some conditions apply – see website for details)

- Right to object: You can object to direct marketing – see website privacy notice for further details of what you can object to.

- Right to Complain: You have the right to complain to a supervisory body (ICO) if you feel we have failed to meet our duties to you in any way in relation to your personal data.

Sensitive and Non-sensitive Personal Data: Information we hold on you is split into two categories; sensitive and non-sensitive.

- Sensitive data is anything that relates to Race or Ethnicity, Political Opinions, Religious Beliefs, Physical/Mental Health and Sexual Life.

- Non-Sensitive data is anything else we hold on you, including your Name, Date of Birth, Phone number and National Insurance Number. Criminal Offenses and Bank Details (and similar info) are not classified as sensitive data however they are treated with the same amount of security and confidentiality.

Contacting Us: Please contact our Corporate Services Team or Data Protection Assistant to make any requests in relation to your rights, or if you have any other queries about the Data Protection Act or Solon’s Data Protection Policy please contact our data protection assistant using the following:

E-mail: james_naish@solonswha.co.uk

Phone: 0117 916 7795 (Direct Line)       or        0117 924 4071

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