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Asbestos Safety

Asbestos can be a dangerous substance if handled incorrectly.

We will check your home for asbestos to make sure it is safe.
Asbestos leaflet

Solon carries out an asbestos survey of all properties before residents move in.  We also have a programme for inspecting all our homes to check for asbestos.

Any asbestos that is found in poor condition or in a hazardous place will be removed.  It is important to note that as long as asbestos material is not disturbed or damaged it is normally safe to leave it in place and inspect it regularly.

It there is any asbestos in your home, Solon will explain this to you and attach a plan to the inside of the cupboard door under the kitchen sink to show you where the asbestos is.

If you want to carry out any works to your home, it is important to contact us first so we can check if an asbestos survey has been done.  We can also check whether work is likely to disturb any asbestos that is there.
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