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Planned Repairs

Solon has a planned programme of major repairs and improvements for older properties.  This programme is set each year.  This section explains what is included in a major repairs programme and links to the programme for the year.
Solon carries out surveys of all it's homes so that programmes of major repairs and improvements can be set.  Homes that are most in need of update or repair will be given priority.  See below for more information.

Major works can include the following:
  • Replacing a kitchen or bathroom
  • Replacing boiler or heating
  • Electrical re-wiring
  • Replacing windows or doors
  • Repairing or replacing a roof
  • Damp prevention works
  • Structural works
Sometimes major works can take several months and we need to have the property empty.  In this case we will visit you to discuss how the works will affect you and whether we will need to move you to another property while the work is done.  If this happens, we make all the arrangements and pay all reasonable costs.

In some cases we may need to do a major repair while you are living in your home.  If this is the case, we will make sure that any work to your property does not bring you any extra costs.  We will pay for things like disconnecting and reconnecting services.

We will take every opportunity to involve you in making choices about the major works at your home.

Checking the Condition of Your Home
You will have had a condition survey carried out of your home at some point over the last 5 years.  We need to keep this information up to date and so over the next 5 years we will be carrying out re-surveys.  The survey will record details of the condition of elements of your such as the kitchen and bathroom, electrics, windows etc. We will give you a call to make a convenient appointment.
Thank you for your co-operation with this and for giving us your time, which should be between ½ hour to 1 hour.  It is very important that we collect and update our information, as this means we can plan for future improvements to your home.

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