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How quickly will my repair get done?

Once you report a repair, it will be given a time limit to be completed - these are called emergency, urgent or routine.
When you contact us to report a repair, we will try to arrange an appointment with you over the phone. We can arrange for appointments on a Saturday or an evening if this is more convenient for you.

We will always try to complete your repair within the following timescales.  Where there are delays that are beyond our control (for example, if we have a problem gaining access, difficulty getting parts, if we need specialist skills or if bad weather prevents the work), we will keep you informed so that you know when to expect the repair.

We recognise that pensioners and vulnerable residents will need special consideration in certain circumstances.

!!! Emergency repairs
We will come to your home and make your home safe within 24 hours.
  • Gas leak or loss of gas supply (call National Grid immediately 0800 111 999)
  • Total loss of electrical power
  • Total loss of water (call local supplier in first instance)
  • Unsafe electrical sockets or fittings
  • Loss of heating and/or hot water in cold weather (1st October to 1st April)
  • Loss of immersion heater (if this is the only source of hot water)
  • Severe roof leak
  • Blocked toilet or blocked drain with sewerage overflowing
  • Burst water pipe where you are unable to control or isolate the water supply
  • Minor water leak that cannot be contained and is likely to cause damage (e.g. running onto electrical components)
  • Loose or falling brickwork or concrete
  • Securing a ground floor door or window
  • Loss of services due to a fire
  • Loss of keys or broken lock that stops you getting in or out (charged to you)
  • Removal of graffiti that could cause offence.
!! Urgent repairs
We will come to your home and complete within 5 calendar days
  • Partial loss of electrical power or light
  • Partial loss of water or gas supply
  • Loss or partial loss of heating or hot water
  • Blocked or leaking drains or soil stack
  • Blocked toilet or toilet not flushing, if you have a second toilet
  • Blocked sink, bath or basin
  • Tap that cannot be turned
  • Leak from a water or heating pipe, tank or cistern
  • Inspection of leaking roof and repair if possible
  • Insecure external window, door or lock (emergency if ground floor)
  • Loose or detached stair handrail
  • Loose or rotten timber floor or stair tread
  • Door entry phone not working
  • Extractor fan not working in a kitchen or bathroom that has no opening windows
! Routine repairs
We will come to your home and complete within 20 calendar days.

Please call us for other non-emergency or urgent repairs that are listed above. These might include;
  • Plumbing
    • Damaged bath, sink or washbasin
    • Dripping taps
    • WC seats (these are chargeable to you)
  • Joinery
    • Repairs to kitchen fittings
    • Repairs to door or window frames
    • Repairs to fencing
    • Loose or defective floor boards
  • Plastering
    • Repairs to internal walls or ceilings
  • Electrical
    • Replacement Fans
    • Replacement showers
    • Replacement light fittings
  • Other repairs that are not on this list. 
If you are in doubt, please call us. 

What if the problem is complicated?
Sometimes we need to send out a surveyor to assess the problem.  We will always make an appointment with you and we will keep you informed about what we need to do to carry out the repair.  We may need to get different quotes for the work or bring in a specialist company to complete the repair.
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