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Improvements & Alterations

We understand that you may wish to carry out alterations or improvements to you home.  Please read the following for more advice and information.
You have a right to change or improve your home but you must get our permission first.  We will always try to approve a request.  If we cannot approve a request, we will explain the reason.

For any alterations or improvements you plan to do, you need to get 3 quotations for the work and supply these to Solon.  We must have these before the work can be considered for approval.

You will also be responsible for getting planning and / or building regulations approval if this is needed.  A copy of this must be given to Solon before any work can be approved.  Most external alterations to buildings need building or planning approval or both.

We will look at what you plan to do and we may want to specify how the work is to be done.  We may also make certain conditions for safety or for other reasons.

If you do carry out your own work, our surveyor will inspect the finished job to check that it is satisfactory.

You are responsible for repairs to any new installations or alterations you make.

We may refuse to accept work or ask you to change your proposal for the following reasons:
  • it does not comply with planning or building regulations
  • it will weaken the structure of the building
  • it is out of keeping with the rest of the property
  • it will make the property unsuitable for future occupants
  • there are health or safety risks
  • it is likely to result in opposition from neighbours or other occupants
  • it is proposed works to central heating or electrical systems
If any works are carried out without our permission, we reserve the right to require you to reinstate at your own cost.

The most common changes requested by residents are as follows:
  • moving or removing fitted units or doors
  • plumbing in washing machines or other appliances
  • building a patio
  • knocking down a wall
  • double glazing
  • fitting a gas fire or building a feature fireplace
  • enclosing a porch
  • extension
  • additional fencing
  • satellite dish
  • fitting a different light switch
  • adding or removing electrical points
Gas and electric work

All works to gas appliances must be carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer.  A safety certificate must be supplied by the gas engineer.

All electrical work must be carried out by a qualified electrician and according to Building Regulations.  A safety certificate must be supplied by the electrician.

Rights to compensation for improvements

You may have the right to compensation for works you have carried out where you have obtained Solon's permission and the work is of a satisfactory standard.  This is paid when you decide to move out of your home.  The amount of compensation will depend on the original cost of the work and how long ago the improvement was completed. 
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