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Damp and Condensation

What to do if you have damp or condensation in your home?

Buildings can suffer from different types of dampness.  They are divided into 3 main categories:

Penetrating damp:

This is usually caused by roof leaks, blocked or damaged gutters or downpipes, window problems, wall problems etc.

This is usually identified by water staining which often shows as "tide marks" where water comes in when it rains, then it dries out when the rain stops.

If you have damp staining, or water running, into your home at any level, please call our maintenance team on 0117 916 7777 and we will decide whether to send a contractor to repair the problem or whether a surveyor needs to come and inspect.

Rising damp:

This is usually caused by high ground levels outside or water rising up the walls from the foundations - this will always be at ground level. 

It is sometimes accompanied by blistering of the plaster surface and salt deposits that can be seen on bare walls.

If you notice damp on the walls of the ground floor of your home, please call our Maintenance Team on 0117 916 7777 and we will arrange for a surveyor to inspect.


This is seen as black mould growth on the walls and may be on furniture or clothes and misting or condensing on windows and walls.

This is caused by the water that is released from human activity in the home (sometimes together with a building problem) and needs to be managed.  Please click here to see Solon's "Condensation in the home" leaflet or speak to our maintenance team for advice.

If you have black mould growth in the home, please call our Maintenance Team on 0117 916 7777.  They will be able to give you advice about how to manage this and make an assessment about whether there might also be a maintenance problem that we need to attend to.
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