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Aids & Adaptations

Solon aims to enable all residents to live independently. Sometimes this means making changes to your home to meet your specific needs. We call this Aids and Adaptations and we cover this in our Service Standards.
Contact us on 0117 9167777 or at  for more information on how to apply for an aid or adaptation.
Repairs Handbook
Aids and Adaptations Service Standard 
Do you find it difficult to do any of the following in your home?
  • Get in and out of your home?
  • Use the kitchen or bathroom?
  • Use taps, heating controls, window latches and door handles
Our home adaptations service
Aids and adaptations in your home can help you be more independent.  If you have difficulty getting around your home or using the facilities we may be able to you manage more easily and safely.  Often simple changes can make a big difference.  We can fit things like grab rails, stair rails, flashing doorbells, lever taps, safety glass and dropped kerbs.  We can also do minor alterations to bathrooms and kitchens.  We aim to get these small adaptations done with the minimum of delay.

Major work
If your home needs more major work we can help you get an assessment from an occupational therapist.  Some work we will do ourselves so that it can be completed as quickly as possible.  If the work is more expensive we will help you contact Bristol City Council to see if you would be eligible for a disabled facilities grant.  This will take longer, but we will stay in touch with you to make sure you receive the help you need within a reasonable time.  Major works can include having a wet room fitted or a lift.

Can I move?
We know that most people prefer to stay in their own home and we will do everything we can to make sure that happens.  However, in a minority of cases your home may not be suitable for the adaptations you need.  Some people would actually prefer to move.  We will discuss all options with you to come up with the best solution for your circumstances.  If you want to move we will try to help you find a more suitable home. 

Who can use the service?
You can use the service if you (or a member of your household) are a Solon tenant and you have a disability, a long term illness, or you are an older resident.

For further information about adaptations and how to apply for them, please contact our Repairs team on 0117 916 7777, or on email
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