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Tenancy Audit

We will visit you once every five years to collect information from you to help us to shape our services
What is a Tenancy Audit?

A Tenancy Audit is a survey which involves a Housing Officer contacting you to take down some details about you.  These surveys are important as they help us to check that we are providing the right kind of services to you.

How often will I be asked to complete a Tenancy Audit?

We will visit you once every five years.  In other words, we aim to complete 20% tenancy audits every year. Next time we contact you to complete a Tenancy Audit we will just be checking that the information we have is correct.

What do you do with the information I provide?

We have to follow strict Data Protection guidelines when handling sensitive data provided by you.  Download our Data Protection leaflet on the right to read more.

We collect the data is so that we can find out the diversity of our residents and make sure that our services meet your needs.  This might mean, providing more aids and adaptations, providing more support, changing the way we contact you (for example: send a letter in large font or in a different language), and generally checking that we are not excluding anyone from accessing our services.
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