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Exchanging my Home

For many residents the best way to find a new place to live is to exchange your home with another council or housing association tenant.

Mutual Exchange

If you rent a home from Solon, you have a legal right to exchange homes with another resident.  This could be a Solon tenant or a tenant of another housing association or council.  However, you must get permission to exchange from Solon. 

You will need to sign a "deed of assignment" with the tenant you are swapping with.

You can register on HomeSwapper or another home exchange website.  You must also give the details of the person you wish to exchange with to your Housing Officer. 

If you have any questions or are thinking about exchanging your home, contact your housing officer who will be able to help.


If you want to exchange your home, you can register for free on the HomeSwapper website at

The HomeSwapper website allows you to look at homes in your area or anywhere in the UK.

You can also access this service on a computer at our office.

Other ways to find an exchange

  • Advertise your home in local papers such as TradeIt;
  • Put an advert in your local shop window

If I find someone to exchange with, what happens next?

You need to complete a mutual exchange form.  Download one here and bring it in or send it in to the Solon office for the attention of your Housing Officer.

When we receive your form we will:
- contact the other landlord and ask for a reference on the new tenant;
- check your property for any outstanding works that are your responsibility - we expect these to be completed before you move;
- we will arrange for a gas and electric check to be completed at the time of the exchange.

You should not go ahead with any removal arrangements until you have conformation from us that the exchange has been agreed.

Are there any reasons why I might not get permission to exchange?

In some cases we will not give permission for you to swap your home.

Reasons for refusal would include:

- antisocial behaviour;
- current rent arrears;
- if the accommodation was considered unsuitable because of its size or the type of the home;
- you are on an introductory tenancy.

Tenancy rights when you exchange

Please note that if you exchange you will inherit the tenancy of the resident you exchange with.  This means that if you had a Secure Tenancy and you exchange with an Assured Tenant, your tenancy rights will change.  Again, please contact your Housing Officer if you need more information.

Read more about different types of tenancies in the Welcome section of the Resident Handbook.
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