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Buying a Solon home

There are two options for purchasing a Solon home:
  1. Solon builds homes for shared ownership sale under the Newbuild Homebuy scheme.
  2. As a Solon resident, you may have the Right to Acquire your rented home at a discount.
What is Shared Ownership or Homebuy?

Solon builds new homes for sale under the government Newbuild Homebuy scheme.

Newbuild HomeBuy is a low cost home ownership scheme which helps people who want to become home owners but cannot afford the cost of buying a property outright. 

To find out if you are eligible for the scheme visit for more information and to register with your local HomeBuy agent.

Visit our Development pages to see what we currently have for sale.

What is the Right to Acquire?

The Right to Acquire gives some housing association residents the opportunity to buy the home they currently rent.

To qualify, the home you rent, has to have been built or purchased by Solon South West Housing Association on or after the 1st April 1997.   It must have been funded by Social Housing Grant provided by Homes England or a local authority.

As well as occupying a qualifying property, you must also have been a public sector tenant for a certain amount of time depending on when your first tenancy started.  You will not be eligible if you are bankrupt or have a bankruptcy petition pending against you, are the subject of a possession order serviced by the court or subject to a formal creditor's agreement made under the Insolvency Act.

The discounts you would receive are fixed by the Government and the amount you receive will depend on where you live.  The discounts currently range from £9,000 to £16,000. 

For more information, contact your Housing Officer, or call Homes England on 0300 1234 500 or visit

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