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Get Help to Tackle Antisocial Behaviour

Reporting antisocial behaviour is the first step to stopping it.  If you are experiencing a problem with antisocial behaviour and feel you need help or support then please read the following guidelines.
Neighbour nuisance

If you feel able, try to speak to your neighbour calmly and politely and tell them that they are causing you some difficulties. Your neighbour might not realise that their behaviour is affecting you. It may be possible to sort everything out in a friendly way.

Do not speak to your neighbour if you feel you are in danger.

If speaking to your neighbour doesn't help, or you feel unable to do so, contact your Housing Officer who will tell you what you can do and who you can call. Our antisocial behaviour service standard and antisocial behaviour leaflet will give you more information.

Noise nuisance

If the problem is noise related, contact your local council's Environmental Health department.

Actual or threatened violence or damage

If the problem involves someone being:
violent or threatening you with violence
damaging or threatening to damage your property

Contact your local police immediately and then contact your Housing officer as soon as possible.

!!! Don't forget to get a crime reference number from the police.  This will help us with our investigations.

Hate crime

We take any allegations of hate crime very seriously and will help any resident who is a victim of hate crime.

If you are a victim of a hate crime, contact the police immediately and let your Housing Officer know as soon as possible.

If it is related to racial or religious harassment, visit our webpage for more information.

Any other nuisance or antisocial behaviour

Contact your Housing Officer or report antisocial behaviour online now using our online form.

What Solon will do

We will support you as much as possible and treat what you tell us in confidence.

Your Housing Officer will investigate your complaint and contact the person(s) involved. If the problem continues, we may ask you to keep a record of what happens. We will agree a plan of action with you.

For very serious incidents, Solon will take legal action - but only if you agree.

We can also give practical support such as arranging additional security for your house and involving other agencies such as SARI (Support Against Racist Incidents).

We will always ask you before we take any action. 

Please remember that when you sign your tenancy, you agree that you, your household and your visitors will all behave in such a way that does not cause a nuisance or harassment.  You must abide by your tenancy.

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