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Resident Involvement Strategy

The Resident Involvement Strategy has been produced by the Residents' Forum working with Solon.

It was reviewed in May 2011

It would be great to find out what you think about the strategy and what you think we should concentrate on for the future.  Please get in touch to let us know.

What is the Resident Involvement Strategy?

The strategy is our plan for involving residents in the work we do.  It sets out what we do now, what we would like to achieve and how we hope to do that.

It also talks about how we will support residents to get involved and how we will make sure all residents have the same chance to help us provide the best service we can.

Why has it been reviewed?

Things change!  Resident Involvement at Solon has moved on a lot since the last strategy was written in 2008 and we needed to look at what we have achieved since then, as well as what we want to achieve in the future.

So what does it say?

The links on the right will take you to the full document.  The Strategy itself  is quite brief as this is what residents on the Forum wanted.  It says what we want to achieve through involving residents and how we hope to achieve these things.

There is also an action plan to go with the Strategy.  This gives more detail about what we plan to do, who will be responsible for each action and when we plan to do it by.  This will be updated regularly so you can see how we are getting on.

The section about support talks about things like expenses payments, transport and other help available for residents who want to get involved.

Finally there is the Equalities Impact Assessment, where we have looked at how different people might be affected by this strategy.

There is also a link to the Resident Involvement Service Standard.
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