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Our Behaviours

Solon has 7 key behaviours that shape how our staff and Board members work and make Solon stand out from other housing associations.
We use these ourselves to challenge our own behaviour and strive to deliver a service that is the best we possibly can; and be proud of ourselves when we do.
You can also download a pdf of our behaviours here:
Solons Behaviours
 1 Customer Care

1 - Puts customers first and treats them with respect.
2 - Is polite and courteous with customers.
3 - Listens to and acknowledges customers needs.
4 - Establishes and maintains effective relationships with customers, being honest and clear about achievable outcomes.
5 - Responds positively in a timely manner to customer enquiries, keeping them informed of progress.
6 - Seeks customer feedback and uses it to change services.

2 Team Working & Partnership

1 - Gives support and respect to colleagues and customers.
2 - Fosters good relationships intenrally and with external organisations.
3 - Shares information both internally and externally as appropriate.
4 - Shows self awareness and considers the impact of work actions on others.

3 Ownership & Accountability

1 - Takes responsibility for setting objectives, actions and decisions.
2 - Acknowledges and values the roles and responsibilities of others.
3 - Learns from experience and demonstrates a sense of ownership and accountability.
4 - Manages own time and workload effectively.
4 Striving for Excellence

1 - Involves residents in making key decisions and service improvements.
2 - Takes responsibility for individual training and personal development.
3 - Maintains a clear vision of the organisation's goals and works towards a 3 Star Service.
4 - Consistently delivers good performance in areas of responsibility.

5 Innovation & Change

1 - Constructively challenges existing business processes.
2 - Embraces new ideas and proposals.
3 - Willingly and actively seeks out best practice.
4 - Is actively involved in improvement initiatives.
5 - Reflects on and evaluates past experiences.

6 Leadership & Achieving the Vision (SMT)

1 - Is able to balance a strategic focus with operational goals.
2 - Champions the vision and is able to translate the bigger picture for staff.
3 - Leads by example and acts as a role model.
4 - Provides a clear and consistent direction.
5 - Promotes change and innovation.
6 - Inspires staff to perform well, giving support trust and encouragement.
7 - Works as part of the team.

7 Developing Others (Managers)

1 - Consistently communicates dear goals and objectives, and provides constructive feedback and guidance to staff.
2 - Identifies and enables personal development of others, recognising and encouraging potential.
3 - Listens and is approachable and accessible when needed.
4 - Provides support and engages regularly on a 1-1 basis with staff.
5 - Leads by example and acts as a positive role model.
6 - Is realistic about what can be achieved.
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